Dallas Chamber Symphony Finds Its Niche

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By Amy Bishop | Arts & Culture Texas

When the Dallas City Performance Hall (now Moody Performance Hall) opened its doors to the public in 2012, it also opened the doors of opportunity to a number of mid-sized arts groups in need of a right-sized venue.

And so begins the story of the Dallas Chamber Symphony.

“I remember touring it (Moody) and thinking, ‘This is perfect,’” says the symphony’s founder and Artistic Director Richard McKay. “It couldn’t be a better venue for what I envisioned DCS might be. When we toured that facility, we confirmed that it was everything we could’ve hoped for. That was really the catalyst that set everything in motion.” In fact, adds McKay, DCS was the first group to officially rent the space upon the hall’s opening.

The North Texas native had moved back to Dallas the previous year, after finishing his Doctorate from the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. He never questioned his decision to come home. First, it was a matter of shrewd business sense: The economy in Dallas was stronger than most other major U.S. cities. “New York and Los Angeles are saturated. I thought there was a lot of opportunity here to do something big that could be meaningful for the city for the long term.”

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