Review: Platinum Artist Chee-Yun Kim, Global Journey

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By Wayne Lee Gay | Theater Jones

Three well-chosen 20th-century works made for a fascinating concert by the Dallas Chamber Symphony and conductor Richard McKay Tuesday night at Moody Performance Hall, taking the audience on a journey through the American heartland, Buenos Aires, and Switzerland.

Nebraska-born Howard Hanson often evoked the wide-open spaces of the American continent in his unabashedly romantic, large-scale symphonic

tapestries; in his Fantasy-Variation on a Theme of Youth, Hanson distilled that breadth into a sort of miniature concerto for piano and strings, which, in 11 minutes, creates a sort of grand serenity. McKay and pianist Jonathan Tsay —the latter strategically placed in the center of the orchestra, facing the audience—created an appropriate momentum and emotional aura here, allowing Hanson’s impeccable orchestration to wash over the listener… McKay and Tsay especially demonstrated a fine sense of dramatic timing.

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